Road to datsun

Indeed datsun go plus is my first owned car, even though this is not my first time drive a car.

The story begin when my children stepping age 4 and 5 years old. Me , my wife and both of my children eventually will not fit in on my mega pro motorcycle. Before, the desire to buy car i burried deep down, because I cannot afford it yet.

Also if in the future, Allah Swt is giving another child , well who knows. I am gonna need a bigger vehicle to take my family when we have some occasions.

And I cannot depend my self to other’s vehicle for my family. We (my wife and me) begining to search a proper car for us, even though our savings since we were in college still cannot afford to buy type of a car that common used nowadays, let say daiha*su brand, toyot* brand, or suzu*i brand which worth between 170 to 200 million rupiahs.

Although my first target cars were livina and ertiga, so I began survey for those two brands of car. Even though those two, meet most of my needs of family car , but there are things that doesn’t. Two of them is those cars doesn’t fit in my garage, so my garage door cannot be closed and the second is the car’s operational cost which includes gas consumption and annual vehicle tax that for our financial condition is not suitable.

And began our search for LCGC type of car, which only worth much cheaper than those cars that i had mentioned. Cheaper in the way price, annual vehicle tax ,and gasoline consumption.But from all lcgc cars that i have searched, only datsun go+ meets all my needs of family car.

Datsun go+’s design looks modern, stylish exterior, the interior sleek, neat, simple although is not luxurious as other competitors, but it’s still comfortable. A lot of its features , that other people says that too minimalist like no power window at second row, no electric mirror, and standard 13 inches tire.. or something else.

In my opinion if we want to buy a car, we can calculate approximate tax cost of the car, the more cheaper the car the more cheaper the tax, and the more expensive the price of the car, the tax also would be a lot more expensive.

Let’s say , you have some money about 200 millions rupiah, I give you two options :
1. You can buy a car with price as 200 millions rupiah, you can get all features, sporty tire and alloy wheels, full ac double blower, full hid dashboards, full power window and etc, but you will be taxed around 2 – 2.5 millions depending on the brand of the car. It’s because tax is calculated from its based price from factory.
2. you can buy a car with much more cheaper let say 100 million rupiah, you will get standard feature, standard wheels, no back power windows, etc. you will be taxed around 1.3-1.6 million rupiah annually and you can add custom modification to your car, until it has same features with 200 millions priced cars, and can cost total about 200 million but your tax is still same. under 2 million annually.

I let others to underestimate this datsun, because they have their own priority, their own opinion, their own calculation and their conditions would have been different with my conditions.

Having this Datsun Go+ , my children is very excited, and have fun to go to places without worry about heat and rain. And also due to the use of fuel efficient, I often use Datsun to drive my parents and my parents in law, to go places without any worry expending a lot of cash for fuel.


In short, Datsun Go+ maybe is a way that Allah Swt, give to my family and I feel grateful about it. Alhamdulillah….